Saturday, July 2, 2011

Come back ...

Just a flash pass by, I stopped blogging for 2 years already. Feeling to blog back again, apparently many things had happened but good news is I'm still survive with it. Glad that I'm back  ! =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Is It !

(This is it - Michael Jackson)

The Memorable King Of Pop "Michael Jackson" This is it Movie, We should watch it. He added a lot of different kind of style of dance in it and it's gonna be a fantastic show. I have brought the tickets, can't wait to watch it. It only show for two weeks. Better watch it before it's too late. AooowwwwwwwwH!

('This Is It' Song by Michael Jackson)
Jackco also release his new song THIS IS IT in the movie, unfortunately we can't listen the live one still we can hear it from the movie .
(This is the Link to listen the latest "This Is It" Song)

My 18th Birthday

                    (Cake Brought by Dad)  The cake is simple & I like it.                
For myself , I felt that birthday is just a day to remember when we are born in this world. I don't like to make it big or celebrate, but then organize or join a birthday party of my friends & family I mostly like to attend it and celebrate it. It's odd, if I really want celebrate I prefer to celebrate with a simple one just with a cake. I very appreciate the one who brought the cake for me this year , that would be my Dad. And also thanks for those who wished me, truly thankful to all those friends & family.

(Me & Alex)
In Sunset Bistro, He's the one that call me out chill with the others friends on my birthday, although don't have any cake but he treat me beer. Thanks again.

(Me & Filip)

(With the others Friends)

..::THANKS AGAIN ::...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Changes of my friend == a normal person to a TUKAO !

Here the picture show how's the progress ...

From a ordinary person


changes to a smart person looking

and who knows one day can changes him everything

TO a True Tukao

Attention : Not Cute at all ! HARAM




Venue:Penang Methodist Boys' School

Date: 8 August

Price:RM10 each

Do contact me for more information.Thank you.
Let me know ASAP !

Bboy Documentary *Penang*

Well i have watched the clip felt that very funny at first but I respect they are been Bboy along these years in training hard. Besides most of friend is in bboy , they always teach me but is tough for me as a beginner XD what to do just need to keep it up =D .

Have a look in this clip really mean something !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson (M.J.) 1958 - 2009


Michael Jackson Latest Picture '08

The pop music legend died this afternoon at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after collapsing at his home and suffering cardiac arrest. At the hospital fans quickly gathered outside. At one point Jackson’s music could be heard from a fraternity house across the street. As the music played people were crying, many were in shock over the loss of the ‘King of Pop’. I was shocked and sad of what I heard the news this early morning, M.J. was dead ! ... :'( I was amaze by him with his songs Billie Jean ,Beat It & Thriller, It were the best dance of the old days still nowadays people using these song to perform dancing and it unforgettable . Today is the other day the music died. The world has lost a talented, misunderstood soul. M.J gave his life as a result of trying too hard to give the greatest show ever. His music contributed to the education I received during childhood. I will always respect him for what he was able to create. He was not only a good artish, but a great person, he helped thousand of people. Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop as much as Elvis in the King of Rock’n'Roll. He’s undeniable, an Icon I can say.

There are a lot of celebrities comment in the CNN & BBC too such as Justin Timberlake , Madonna , Kenny Rogger and of course his sister Janet Jackson. Justin Timberlake comment it nicely , it commented " We have loss a genius " . Although I'm just a teenage, still I like to hear the old song from him even though is old one thing for sure his song never out to date . Today we lost much of a our generation and youthfulness… and of my adolescence. We lost a legend of the music world. Despite all the problems that Michael Jackson had, nobody can deny the contribution he gave to the music, dance and behavior of a generation. Michael Jackson will always be an idol.

Share and comment your memories of Michael Jackson in here !